Bangladesh Language & Cultural Foundation (BLCF) was established in December 2000 with Prof. Belal Baaquie as its president.

The primary objective is to hold Bengali mother language classes for the ethnic Bengali students living in Singapore. Events, recitation, essay and art competitions are held so that Bengali students are kept in touch with their heritage and cultural roots.

In the last 20 years, the BLCF school has grown phenomenally. It started in January 2001 with a humble beginning with only 35 students to a current enrolement of more than 350 students! Our students have been consistently doing well in the national examinations and have been able to enroll themselves in the exclusive faculties like medicine, law and business administration.

After the formation of BTTSAL in early 2000 with other 4 NTIL languages, the respective Community Groups activities took a quantum leap. We are conīŦdent that the future of our children's mother tongue language is secured and sustainable. We shall remain grateful to MOE and the Singapore government in extending their assistance for moulding the academic future of our children. We feel proud to see our children doing well in their chosen professions and proudly contributing to nation building. Let us cherish the privilege and look forward to working together.